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Get Exactly What You're Looking For

Don't compromise when decorating your home, customize! Get the look you want with custom fine furniture that meets your needs.

Decor That Reflects Your Individual Style

Break the cookie cutter. Choose the furniture, fabrics, and other elements to match your personal style and taste.

With Decorator Accents and Accessories

Find the perfect finishing touch for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. From cushions and pillows to mirrors and artwork.

Top Quality Custom Furniture in Unionville

<p>At the HomeSource we work with you to find the perfect custom furniture and accessories for your home decorating needs. We offer fine furniture from leading Canadian and US manufacturers.</p>

Professional Interior Decorating Advice

<p>Our <a href="/about-us/">professional interior decorators</a> can suggest design ideas and offer <a href="/about-us/">professional decorating advice</a>. Come <a href="/contact-us/">visit us</a> and open a new world of possibilities for decorating your home.</p>

Gus on Matching Bar Stools with Counters & Tables (30 sec)

Gus chat on Sectional Sofas from Superstyle